Jewelry that tells a Story about itself … and you!


Hi there, I'm Tammy, the designer and dreamer behind this nature-inspired collection, and I'm thrilled to share my journey with you.

Nature has always been my sanctuary, bringing me pure happiness and contentment. Growing up in both Eastern and Western Canada gifted me with the abundant beauty of lush forests, majestic mountains, and the roaring ocean's calming embrace.  I cherish those moments, the sounds, the smells, and the overwhelming sense of gratitude for being part of such splendor.

Drawing from these awe-inspiring experiences, I infuse my designs with colors that evoke the very essence of nature.  My mission is simple: to create jewelry that effortlessly captures the timeless and classic beauty as nature intended.

One quote by spiritual writer Lalah Deliah deeply resonates with me and inspires my creations:  "She remembered who she was and the game changed."  To me, these words represent authenticity and staying true to ourselves amidst the trends and expectations that surround us.

Have you ever witnessed a woman walking into a room, captivating everyone with her confidence, charisma, and authenticity?  It's a mesmerizing sight, and I believe you too can make that impact with Plein De Vie Jewelry!   Each piece is thoughtfully designed to help you reconnect with your true self, empowering you to embrace your uniqueness wholeheartedly.

When you wear our sterling silver jewelry, you become the muse of your story, radiating grace and confidence.  Our unique and stylish designs ensure you stand out from the crowd, leaving an indelible impression on those around you.

Let Plein De Vie Jewelry be a reflection of your soul, reminding you of the incredible person you are and the incredible world we're a part of.  Join me in this extraordinary journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

With love,



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