It's not about blending into the crowd! Instead, it's about revealing your natural beauty with pieces that bring you soul-level joy while embracing your playful side.

Press release "Jewelry that tells a Story - Plein De Vie Jewelry" - Interview with GoSolo by Subkit 2023.04.13

I am honored to have been contacted by GoSolo for an interview about my jewelry and business story!

GoSolo is a digital magazine about entrepreneurship based in New York City, USA.

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Meet Tammy

Welcome to Plein De Vie Jewelry, where every piece is crafted with love and a deep understanding of what brings you joy.

I'm Tammy, the founder and designer, and I'm thrilled to connect with you.

As someone who cherishes the beauty of the outdoors and the simple pleasures of life, I've poured my heart into designing nature-inspired jewelry that resonates with your soul and celebrates your playful spirit.

Close your eyes for a moment and envision yourself wearing my jewelry. Picture the delicate leaves and intricate details adorning your neckline, each piece a reflection of the natural wonders that fill your heart with awe. Picture the warm, sun-kissed glow emanating from each unique gemstone, a radiant reflection of cherished moments spent in nature's embrace.

Now, let your mind wander to those special occasions, or even the everyday moments, where my jewelry becomes an extension of your innermost self. Picture the smile on your face as you feel the graceful elegance of my designs, perfectly complementing your unique style and personality.

As you unbox your Plein De Vie Jewelry, envision the thoughtful packaging, carefully prepared to make your experience as precious as the piece itself. The excitement of receiving a gift that not only enhances your beauty but also reflects the essence of who you are and what you hold dear.

Choosing Plein De Vie Jewelry isn't just about acquiring exquisite adornments; it's about discovering a piece that speaks directly to your heart and becomes an emblem of your journey, a token of self-expression and empowerment.

Join me on this beautiful adventure, where we celebrate your unique path, your passions, and the things that truly matter to you. Let's find that perfect piece together, one that captures your essence and becomes a cherished companion in life's moments, both big and small.

Come, explore the wonders of Plein De Vie Jewelry with me, and let's discover the perfect piece that tells your story.

With love,


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I believe every handcrafted creation finds its owner, exuding life – or, in French, plein de vie.

Elevate your style, embrace the unique, and let each piece tell your story.

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