Affordable fine jewelry designed to make you feel beautiful in your everyday life.

Hi, I'm Tammy ...

Welcome to Plein De Vie Jewelry, where I handcraft fine jewelry to help you celebrate life’s little moments and feel your most beautiful. Life is short, make it memorable!

I retired from my “real” job early so that I could spend my days tucked away with my husband and dog on our lakeview property making jewelry in my loft studio. 

As a single mom to a beautiful daughter, I've navigated life's challenges with tenacity and fierce determination–I’m sure you have a story of bravery and heart much like my own, though the plot might be slightly different. 

My journey, from overcoming obstacles to pursuing my passion for all things beautiful, is woven into every piece I create.

At the core of my brand lies a deep connection to nature. I find inspiration in the lush forests that surround my home, the never ending hillsides, and the calming embrace of the lake. Each of my unique designs reflects our connection to nature, crafted with love and a commitment to quality and timelessness.

But this brand is not just about the jewelry; it's about embracing life's complexities and prioritizing beauty in the midst of it all. I find so many women forget to let themselves enjoy the journey and truly appreciate themselves–are you one of those women? 

Consider this permission to celebrate yourself, to find joy and playfulness in every moment, and to treat yourself to something that you’ll cherish forever and wear everyday!

I can’t wait to connect with you and share my love for all things classic, beautiful and elegant with you! 

With love,


The maker of beautiful things

My mission is to invite every woman to wear a piece of affordable fine jewelry that transcends trends and stands out for its timeless beauty and unparalleled quality. By embracing classic design elements and using nature as my inspiration, I aim to provide women with an opportunity to experience beauty that goes beyond the ordinary. At Plein De Vie Jewelry, we celebrate individuality and craftsmanship, curating collections that reflect the essence of every woman’s personal style.

  • Daisy Delight Sterling Silver Necklace with Tsavorite Garnets

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  • Sterling Silver Aquamarine Necklace

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  • Aquamarine Gemstone Layering Necklace

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