Be You - Embrace Your Authentic Self 🌹

Be You - Embrace Your Authentic Self 🌹

It has been awhile since I shared a story about the meaning behind my brand.  
I always talk about not blending in with the crowd and being true to your authentic self!  
Keeping this in mind, I design and create nature inspired jewelry that does just that.  
Classic designs with timeless style for everyday occasions where you can wear nature's beauty, and YES, stand out from the crowd!


Have you ever walked by a garden that was filled with beautiful red roses?  Everyone loves them for their beauty and elegance but they are all the same.

Within this garden was one white rose.  This white rose wanted to stand out from the crowd and embrace her individuality.
Daily, this white rose watched people walk by.  She noticed how their eyes were always drawn to the vibrant red roses.

Deep within her petals, she carried the emotional pain of those longing to break free from the chains of sameness and express themselves authentically.
One day, a woman entered the garden. She was unlike anyone the white rose had ever seen before. She exuded confidence and grace. As she wandered through the garden, her gaze fell upon the white rose.

Her hands cupped the fragile petals, and a smile graced her lips. She whispered softly to the white rose, "You are an inspiration for others.  Your desire to stand out while remaining timeless is a precious gift. Embrace your uniqueness, for it is in your distinctiveness that true beauty lies."

With those words, the white rose realized that being different was not a flaw but a source of power and became more confident in her own individuality. 
One by one, people passing through the garden took notice of the white rose. They noticed her beauty and her ability to be both distinctive and classic. They saw her as a role model of their own desires to embrace their own personal style.

The white roses story spread, touching the hearts of many women. They found solace and inspiration in the white rose, knowing that their unique style was a testament to their inner beauty.  This white rose gave them the courage to be authentic to their own personal style.

And so, Plein De Vie Jewelry, like the white rose, embraced the emotional pain of these women. I craft nature-inspired jewelry that celebrates the joy of standing out from the crowd, encouraging women to embrace their individuality while remaining timeless and classic. Through my designs, I offer a pathway to soul-level joy, where the playful and the distinctive coexist harmoniously.

Plein De Vie Jewelry and the white rose remind us that being unique is a treasured gift. For it is in our authenticity that we find our true selves and create a lasting impact on the world around us.


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