Top 5 Everyday Jewellery That Goes With Any Outfit in 2023

Top 5 Everyday Jewellery That Goes With Any Outfit in 2023

Jewelry is a must-have for every wardrobe because they add the final touch to your outfit while complementing your style.  However, picking the right accessory can be a frustrating hassle as you contemplate whether it matches your attire.

Fortunately, Plein De Vie presents some of the world's most visually appealing jewelry that works well with any dress or outfit you wear.  Our unique and stylish sterling silver jewelry ensures you stand out from the crowd and look gorgeous wherever you go.

Therefore, this article will explore beautiful jewelry pieces that make you feel good regardless of your outfit. Read on!

Best Jewellery for Any Outfit

Below is our selection of the top five timeless jewelry that makes you unique and stunning in any fashion style: 

 Let's explain how these pieces make your outfits come alive.


1. Swarovski Pearl and Daisy Bracelet

Pearl Jewelry has existed for centuries, with iconic women like Queen Elizabeth II, Micheal Obama, and Coco Chanel often adorning a pearl necklace.  This admiration for pearls is apparent since they are associated with wealth, professionalism, style, femininity, and maturity.

In other words, pearls are the perfect fashion piece and an easy way for displaying your uniqueness in any outfit or dress.  Therefore, we recommend the beautiful Swarovski Pearl and Daisy Bracelet for that empowering look.

The Swarovski Pearl and Daisy Bracelet also represents mother nature, protecting and nurturing as you push through life's challenges.  Whether you enjoy wearing white shirts, black dresses, blue tops, or multicolored gowns, you will feel beautiful throughout as the white pearls glisten on your lovely wrist.

Similar recommendation: Swarovski Pearls and Aquamarine Gemstone Bracelet, $40.00 CAD


2. Sterling Silver Heart Hoop Earrings

Do you want to enhance your perfect face whenever you go out for casual or formal occasions?  Our Sterling Silver Heart Hoop Earrings may be a good choice.  Carefully curated by the gorgeous Tammy, these silver heart hoops come with great quality to amplify and draw attention to your facial features.

The earrings are made of sparkling sterling silver 925, which transforms this jewelry into a must-have due to its compatibility with different clothes and styles. Furthermore, the heart-shaped earrings are simple yet stylish, allowing them to highlight your face's irresistible symmetry, irrespective of the outfit you choose.

Ultimately, whether you're going to a wedding, date night, or a simple get-together, our Sterling Silver Heart Hoop Earrings provides that confident bounce in your step.  They're lightweight, shimmering, and have that timeless jewellery piece design that shows onlookers your radiant personality.

Similar recommendation: Sterling Silver Post Drewdrops and Daisies Earrings, $100.00 CAD


3. Sterling Silver Berry Dainty or Dynamic Ring

Rings are the perfect piece for providing a sense of completion to most attire. However, if you're looking for one that suits all your clothes, we recommend the Sterling Silver Berry Dainty or Dynamic Ring.

This jewelry piece is made of sterling silver, which sparkles in the sun and brings attention to your fingers.  Additionally, silver is a neutral color that pairs well with any clothing type or color, making this ring a reliable everyday choice.

Despite being simple, our Sterling Silver Berry Dainty or Dynamic Ring comes with some refreshing designs.  The entire build consists of Berry-flower interlocked like puzzle parts, producing a versatile creation for casual or formal occasions.

*Note: The Sterling Silver Berry Dainty or Dynamic Ring is made to order from Size 5 and up.  There are currently a few sizes available on our website!

Similar recommendation: Sterling Silver Swarovski Crystal and Blue Topaz Sparkle Like the Ocean Ring, $185.00 CAD


4. Sterling Silver Flower Power Daisy Necklace

The fountain of youth doesn't exist, but delicate necklaces like our Sterling Silver Flower Power Daisy Necklace can make you look younger, confident, and empowered 24/7.  The sterling silver sparkles in ways that draw attention to your face and outfit, completing your look and making heads turn your way.

If you prefer a minimalistic style of jewelry and an everyday Necklace, our Daisy Necklace can satisfy that desire.  It's effective at breathing life into your outfit as the silver complements colors like a red gown, dark green dress, or blue suit.

It's also worth noting that this nature-inspired piece signifies renewal and hope, which is further enhanced by the stunning Swarovski 5mm flat back crystal. Irrespective of what you're wearing, the handmade hammered Daisy is bound to introduce life and beauty, giving your attire a timeless and dazzling look.

Similar recommendation: Sterling Silver Twisted Cable Necklace with Circle and Daisy Pendant, $150.00 CAD


5. Sterling Silver Rectangle Dimpled Bangle

Bangles are commonly associated with "a complete woman," indicating a person full of grace, beauty, love, and charisma.  This fashion style is typical in places like India, where women wear bangles for good luck, health, and prosperity.

Irrespective of your reason, you need a Bangle that fits your arm, reveals your personality, attracts attention, and goes well with all your outfits.  In this case, our Sterling Silver Rectangle Dimpled Bangle is your best bet.

The Bangle is made of 5x1.5mm rectangle sterling silver and hammered to give a dimpled aesthetic.  Therefore, expect your arm to glisten in the sun alongside the Bangle as it complements your attire, irrespective of the type.

*Note: this Bangle is Made to Order, meaning you may need to provide measurements of your knuckles.  This allows us to create the perfect jewelry for your wrist if your hand doesn't fit our knuckle measurement of 9" and inside diameter of 2.54".

Similar recommendation: Lolite and Sterling Silver Daily Balance Bracelet, $60.00 CAD



Accessories add a layer of sophistication and completeness to your outfit, but jewelry exposes you to a whole new world of empowerment.  With our top five recommendations, you're guaranteed to get heads turning your way, regardless of attire.

One good reason to try the items listed is the silver sterling silver hue that accompanies these jewelry pieces.  Silver is a neutral color compatible with any outfit, and despite the jewelry design looking simple, they're all unique enough for both formal and casual settings.

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